April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month is an important month to us here at the Sacramento Children’s Home because child abuse prevention is at the heart of what we do—our services are geared toward abuse prevention, early intervention, and mental health treatment.

Preventing child abuse is so important to us, we’ve written it into our Core Values (IMPACT):

  • Integrity; in all that we do.
  • Mission-driven; opening doors to the future by maximizing the potential of children and families.
  • Passionate; about ending the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect.
  • Accountable; to our children and families, funders, and the community.
  • Culturally responsive; to the needs of the children and families we serve.
  • Teamwork; is critical to success in all we do.

Our mission, too, reads, “Opening doors to the future by maximizing the potential of children and families.” But how do we do that? First, we believe a home free of abuse and neglect, and keeping families together, strong, healthy and nurturing, is the key to maximizing a child’s potential. And when potential is maximized, more doors to the future open. So our programs are designed to provide resources and support that accomplish just that: keeping families together, strong, healthy, and nurturing.

The SCH “I prevent child abuse by…” campaign

Throughout the month we’re going to dive deeper to highlight exactly what various SCH team members do and how their role specifically prevents child abuse in the Sacramento community. Everyone from Family Resource Center Home Visitors to members of the admin team plays an integral role in supporting our mission, and we’re excited to put a stronger spotlight on their efforts.

How you can get involved

  1. Join us Friday, April 5 by wearing blue to support “Wear Blue for Kids Day.”
    It doesn’t matter if it’s bright blue, dark blue or denim, by donning blue, you’re showing solidarity with thousands of people in the region and beyond who all believe in ending the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect. Feel free to snap a picture, post to social media and tag us! (Note: your social media profile has to be public in order for us to see it, so you’re welcome to send us your picture as well!)
  2. Leave a comment and tell us what YOU do to prevent child abuse. Or tell us WHY you think it’s important.
    Sharing our posts is also a great way to get involved.
  3. Keep us in mind for Big Day of Giving.
    The Big Day returns May 2, and we’re aiming to raise $60,000, but we can’t do it without your generous support. The funds raised will address the most critical needs of our residential, crisis nursery and family resource center programs, which all prevent child abuse, step in for early intervention, and provide mental health treatment.

Hope to see you in blue on April 5 and earn your support on May 2!