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Our Mission: Opening Doors to the Future by Maximizing the Potential of Children and Families

Since 1867, the Sacramento Children’s Home has been committed to helping children by providing high-quality care to the Sacramento region’s most vulnerable children and families. Our 150+ year history has positioned our agency at the forefront of caring for at-risk youth and helping to build strong families throughout our community.

From providing crisis support for families with infants and toddlers to providing short-term residential care to foster youth who have suffered trauma, SCH services focus on child abuse prevention, intervention, and mental health treatment for our area’s most at-risk children and families. Our programs promote child safety, positive parenting, education, and mental health, and improve the healthy functioning of families. Through our portfolio of programs, we provide services to over 7,000 children and 4,300 families each year.

As a leader in our field, the Sacramento Children’s Home continues to seek opportunities to better serve our community and provide the most comprehensive, inclusive, and effective programs and services to address the changing needs of at-risk youth and families. Our ongoing commitment to finding new and innovative ways to serve our region has led us to launch cutting edge programs like The Source.  The Source provides 24/7 support to resource families and current or former foster youth during times of crisis and struggle.

The oldest children residential homes in the region, the Sacramento Children’s Home stands ready and committed to serving our community for many years to come so that all children have a chance for a better tomorrow. But we can’t do it alone. Together, let’s end the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect in more homes in our community.

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