Children’s Circle

The Sacramento Children’s Home relies on leaders in the community to help realize our mission. We proudly recognize our Children’s Circle members, who give $1,000 or more each year to help continue our work to end child abuse and neglect in Sacramento.

2016-17 Children’s Circle Donors

Denise and Roy Alexander
Angela Anantharaj and Desmond Tan
Betty Anderson
Clifford E. Anderson
Todd and Jennifer Aquilina
Louise and Cecil Aswell
Margot and Dave Bach
Michelle and David Baker
Peter A. Baldridge
Wayne and Kathleen Baron
Tim Baskerville
Lela S. Bayley
Pamela Beckman-Erbe and Eric Erbe
Allen L. Bender
Cheryl Borg
Sean Boyd
Sandra and Robert Carlson
Christa Chandy
Jeffery C. Chantry
Julia K. Chubb
Rebecca S. Clark
Nick and Mona Clevenger
Jeana Colabianchi
Leslie Cooley
Stefanie Counts
Nadine A. Cribbins
Paul and Stephanie Cripe
Lynne and Glenn Cunningham
Dawn Curtis
General Davie Jr.
Ken and Anca DeBruhl
Joseph DeNigris
Robert DeNigris
Byron and Kathy DeVilbiss
Kalaichelvi Dorairaj
Daniel and Kathleen Dunne
Elizabeth Eskridge and L.B. Van Beers
Wayne Fenton Jr. and Jeanne Joe-Fenton
Cara and Chet Fite
Kristen and Jeff Forderer
Tina S. Gallagher
Anoop Ghanwani
Wesley R. Gill
Heather and Derek Giovanni
Jerry Glenn
Tommie Goss
Robert C. Gosselin
Meredith and Mario Grandinetti
Chris and Jennifer Granger
Tom and Rene Grebitus
Gail Gregori
Robyn Groves
Susan M. Hackett
Laura Hackman
Susan M. Haley
Robert C. Hall
Josette M. Halsted
Justin Halverson and Andrew Crotto
Nancy and David Harris
Scott A. Harrison
Hildegarde Hartzog
Douglas A. Heath
Maya Heinert and Reto Schaerli
Mark J. Heller
Michiyo Heller
Sylvia J. Heller
Tim and Jaime Holzer
Ivan Hrga
Hsiao-Hua and Meng Hsi Huang
Michael Hudson
Joe and Margot Hunt
Warren and Rosemarie Hunt
Whitney Hunt
Clissy Hyde
Evelyn and Daniel Jensen
Rick Joyer
Greg and Julia Kelly
Keith and Gina Ketcher
Gordon Klein
William and Jane Koenig
David and Beverly Koepke
Todd M. Koolakian
Christopher and Lisa Ksidakis
Betty Kuhn
Jacques J. Labrie
Sonia E. Landman
Lisa Lane
Chris Lazio
Mark and Courtney Leary
Borden Liu
Brad LoCicero
Ronald B. Logsdon
Deborah Lynch
Brian and Mary MacDonnell
Bhavnesh Makin
Dennis and Nancy Marks
Carolyn T. Marmaduke
Stephen K. Marmaduke
Tom McCaffery and Sydney Young
Anne McCall
Fumi McGee
Pat and Jim McGinnis
Larry and Laurie Meyer
Marcy Meyer
Kelly Micco
Norman and Carol Miller
Shaun Morrow and Claudia Bonsignore
Maura Moylan
Rebecca Newland
Richard L. Niello Sr.
Mark and Karen Noriega
Marlene M. Oehler
Isaiah Ortego
Claudia and Harry Parrish
Vincent and Michelle Pascual
Gene and Julie Pendergast
Kathleen Peterson
Ray and Arlene Poole
Matthew W. Powell
Julie Quinn
Jean Reynolds
Stuart and Linda Robertson
Steve and Nancy Roche
Patricia A. Ronten
SouCheun Saechao
Trudy and Michael Sandoval
Scott and Pamela Sauer
Arthur and Susan Scotland
Gregory M. Scoville
Carmen Seabourn
Robert and Susan Seybold
Robert S. Shelburne
Denise Shepard
Carol Siefkin
Judith L. Smith
Richard and Deborah Smith
Nicole and Patrick Soluri
Maria and Todd Sperber
Michael J. Steel
Catherine E. Stinchfield
J. Todd and Elizabeth Stone
Ray and Mary Lou Stone
Marshall and Andrea Stover
Richard G. Strahler
Lynda and Chris Taylor
Sharon and Dennis Treadaway
Karen S. Vasile
Millard Votteri and Rosa Lee Black Votteri
Lila and Bradley Wallrich
Mary T. Weaver
Gary and Christine Weske
Joseph and K. Greer Whitters
James and Laura Wiley
Erin and Ryan Wilgus
Luke Wilson
Lisa and John Yarbrough
Stephanie and Paul Yoder