Sacramento’s Oldest Active Charity

Not long after the Sacramento Gold Rush, citizens noted with alarm abandoned children living on the area’s riverbanks. On February 14, 1867, these concerned citizens founded what was to become the Sacramento Children’s Home. Born as an orphanage and later developed as a children’s farm association and home for the abandoned, the Sacramento Children’s Home has been dedicated to the care and support of Sacramento’s most vulnerable children and families for over 150 years.

Continuing the Tradition

Throughout our 152-year history, we have continually sought new ways to provide exceptional care and improve the outcomes for the children and families we serve. This spirit of innovation has led us to the forefront of trauma-informed care and has helped us grow from an orphanage to Sacramento County’s most comprehensive child and family service organization. We have developed community-based prevention and early intervention programs to complement our legacy of residential programs. Every day, we are working to stop the cycle of child abuse and neglect in our community and give at-risk children and families hope for a better tomorrow.