Foster Youth Tutoring

The Sacramento Children’s Home operates a tutoring program for foster youth that are enrolled in the Sacramento City School District. The program focuses on four main pillars: tutoring, homework help, mental health support, including referrals to other services, and relationship building.

Due to foster youth having high Adverse Childhood Experiences, which have deep traumatic impacts, assisting with schooling alone may not be as impactful.

Our new program will be a holistic tutoring service that takes into account more than just academic deficits and looks at the entire picture of children’s trauma, which as a result will provide the youth we serve with meaningful support and a more lasting positive impact.

Data shows that foster youth are more likely than their peers to experience a host of barriers that lead to troubling outcomes, including low academic achievement, grade retention, and lower high school graduation rates.

In addition to providing these educational services, we want to ensure we deliver support in a trauma-informed manner, assessing for mental health services, and providing any additional resources that can support the foster youth and their larger support circle.