Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert Partners with SCH

Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz sponsored residents from the Sacramento Children’s Home to attend a game against the Sacramento Kings on March 3, 2018. The children had the opportunity to meet with the 7’1″ NBA center as well.

Gobert created his foundation, “Rudy’s Kids,” with the aim of helping children in need, and partners with a local child-centered organization for each away game. In his announcement made on Instagram, he also declared he would donate $1,000 for every block made during the game to his chosen charity.

Prior to his visit to Sacramento, Gobert’s Foundation reached out to the Sacramento Children’s Home, wishing to sponsor SCH residents and make a donation. The children were very excited to attend and watch the game, and to meet Gobert afterward. Additionally, Gobert finished the game with four blocked shots.

The Sacramento Children’s Home is honored to receive Gobert’s support and grateful for the tickets he provided, his time, and his donation. Our residents had an amazing time at the game. Thank you so much to Rudy and to the Rudy’s Kids Foundation. We appreciate your support