Residential Visits San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences

The boys from the Sacramento Children’s Home Residential Treatment Program visited the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco last week. The Independent Learning Program and Education team coordinated the field trip.

The boys watched a penguin feeding, saw newborn penguins that have yet to develop feathers, and learned about the importance of coral reefs during the “Reef Exploration.” They also had the opportunity to touch things like kelp, starfish, sea urchins, and shark eggs. Perhaps most notably, the residents met an albino alligator named Claude, and inquisitively discussed how Claude received his name with an Academy team member.

“Seeing the white alligator was surprising,” a resident said.

Overall, there seemed to be a common theme of calmness about the trip.

“It was peaceful and fun,” said one resident.

“I had a genuinely peaceful moment,” said another.

“It was interesting. I liked the fish and the soothing planetarium,” a third young man said.

The Sacramento Children’s Home would like to especially thank Albert “Babe” Lovotti for his donation specifically toward educational enrichment, which allowed this trip to take place. Mr. Lovotti’s gift provided such a fun learning experience for our boys.

“Thank you for taking us,” one child said. “I had a great time, and it was a great experience.”