What We Do 2

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Advocacy Program

Advocates act as a bridge between therapists and families being served by our mental health programs.

Family Partners

  • Ensuring that families are equal partners in treatment
  • Building connections through shared experiences

Youth Peer Mentors

  • Providing assistance and support to youth
  • Guiding youth to articulate their beliefs and reach their goals

Counseling Center

Our Counseling Center offers innovative services to promote mental health wellness, recovery and safety for children and young adults.

Counseling Services

  • Comprehensive services for MediCal eligible children age 2 to 21 and their families

Rehabilitation Support

  • Developing the skills and abilities necessary to be successful

Connection to Community Resources

  • Facilitating access to additional services

Crisis Nursery Program

Our Crisis Nursery Program provides free emergency childcare for children age 0-5, as well as case management services for families during a crisis.

Emergency Child Care and Overnight Care

  • Emergency short-term care for children

Early Learning Program

  • Literacy and age appropriate development activities

Case Management

  • Helping parents resolve family crisis

Education Program

Our Education Program offers a variety of afterschool activities that make learning fun and help residents get the most from their formal education.


  • Plan. Achieve. Succeed. Soar.

After-School Enrichment

  • Innovative programs fostering a love for learning

Independent Living Program

  • Assisting older residents in becoming independent adults


Early Violence Intervention Begins with Education (eVIBE) is an early intervention violence prevention program that helps youth and families develop safer and healthier relationships at school and at home.

Stop & Think

  • Teaching positive and safe social skills

Too Good for Violence

  • Preventing youth violence

Nurturing Parenting Program

  • Guiding families to be stronger and happier

Family Resource Centers

Our three community-based Family Resource Centers build strong families through education, intervention and social support.

Birth & Beyond Home Visitation

  • In-home support to families

Effective Parenting Workshops

  • Groups that teach parents nurturing skills

Crisis Intervention

  • Helping parents focus on effective parenting

Residential Treatment Program

Our Residential Treatment Program provides intensive care for abused or neglected males age 6-18 and prepares them to thrive in a family home.

24-Hour Residential Care

  • Creating a safe, stable and structured environment

Therapeutic Treatment

  • Helping children move past their traumatic past

Recreation & Community Engagement

  • Keeping children fully engaged in their community

Wraparound Program

Our Wraparound Program provides individualized service and support to families to ensure that children return to a safe, stable family home.

Child & Family Team

  • Facilitating the transition to a family home

Family & Community Engagement

  • Helping families unify

Fostering Family Independence

  • Practical solutions with a long term plan