Success Story – Shannon


From Violence to Safety

Shannon contacted the North Crisis Nursery the day she left a violent relationship. The mother of two young girls, Alyssa and Aniya, Shannon was 8 months pregnant. She was staying in an emergency shelter with her daughters and felt completely overwhelmed trying to cope with the aftermath of her traumatic experience. To make matters worse, she had a history of drug abuse and suffered from Bipolar Disorder, depression and anxiety. She risked relapsing and losing her children if she didn’t find help soon.

Shannon met with the Case Manager and took a tour of the Nursery. She loved the home like environment, and as she toured the bedrooms, she commented on the inviting decorations, murals and bedding. She knew how much her girls would enjoy the classrooms and outside play area. Once she was able to see the Crisis Nursery in person, she felt much less nervous about leaving her children.

Alyssa and Aniya stayed at the Nursery while Shannon attended domestic violence group therapy sessions and drug recovery appointments three times a week. She received treatment to control her mental health issues. With the help of her Case Manager, Shannon was able to file for full custody of her children and a restraining order to keep her family safe. She also started a housing search and was so excited the day she got the keys to her new home. She moved in and made preparations while the children were busy at the Nursery playing and exploring, and she was overjoyed when she was finally ready to bring them home. Shannon is due any time now with her third child and feels optimistic about her future with her children. She feels much better equipped to handle difficult situations, but she also knows that because of the Crisis Nursery, she’ll never have to handle a crisis alone.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

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