Success Story – Olivia

Olivia has always experienced depression, but after the delivery of her second child, the postpartum depression she experienced was overwhelming, and she tried to take her own life.

Nolan, the father of the children, was able to get her the mental health support she desperately needed. Nolan wanted to make sure she was OK but did not want the children exposed to her being admitted into the hospital. He also wanted to make sure he was able to maintain his employment and continue to provide financially for the family. That’s when Nolan reached out to the Sacramento Crisis Nursery for support.

Following her release from the hospital, Olivia was able to get mental health treatment, set and maintain her psychiatry appointments, receive post-partum support and support in obtaining a therapist. The case manager at the crisis nursery worked with Olivia to see which therapists had open availability. Olivia told the case manager that it is hard to open yourself up to a complete stranger and she wanted to find one that she would feel comfortable with sharing. While Olivia adjusted to her medication, the children were safe and well cared for at the Nursery. Nolan was able to maintain his employment as well, while working on a plan for childcare support.

While the children were at the Nursery, the case manager gave Olivia information for her older child to be registered for Transitional Kindergarten. Having a daily structure and routine was important for her daughter as Nursery staff saw her thrive with kindergarten readiness activities. Having her older child in school during the day provided time for Olivia to bond with her infant.

Olivia did not feel so overwhelmed knowing there was community support available to assist her.  Nolan was appreciative that he was able to be with Mom when she needed it the most and that his children were safely cared for at the Crisis Nursery.