Success Story – Megan


A Safe Haven

Megan called the Crisis Nursery in fear, asking if there was any space available for her 9 month old child, Sandy. A few weeks prior to calling, she was held at gun point and robbed by three men in front of her Sacramento apartment. Following the incident, the three men began began stalking her, frequently waiting near her apartment complex to harass her. Megan grew increasingly worried. Then, her worst fear came true. At a neighborhood gas station, the three men assaulted Megan, badly beating her. Her infant daughter was right there in the car. She feared for her own safety and her daughter’s.

Police advised Megan not to return home until their investigation was complete. Megan had no family members living in Sacramento, and none of her friends had the resources to take her or her daughter in. Megan didn’t know what to do. In desperation, she contacted 211, who recommended she bring Sandy to the North Crisis Nursery.

When Megan and Sandy arrived at the Nursery, Megan was filled with fear, and she was nervous to leave her child in someone else’s care. Staff patiently helped Megan fill out the necessary paperwork and reassured her that no harm to would come to Sandy as long as she was at the Nursery. Staff invited Megan to bathe Sandy at the Nursery and change her into a new set of clothes. These simple, caring acts put Megan at ease, and she knew she wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of her child while the police investigated her case.

Sandy was very happy at the Crisis Nursery. She enjoyed the attention from staff and volunteers. Meanwhile, Megan’s case manager checked in with her frequently. Thankfully, Megan’s mother would be arriving from the Bay Area in a few days, and would be able to take in Megan and Sandy until it was safe for them to return home. The case manager connected Megan to local resources who could provide temporary shelter until her mother arrived. Upon leaving the Nursery, Megan thanked the Crisis Nursery staff for being there when she needed help. She stated that Sandy would not have been in a safe environment had it not been for the Crisis Nursery, and she sincerely appreciated the care and reassurance she received during her crisis.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

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