Advocacy acts as a bridge between therapists and families being served by Sacramento Children’s Home mental health programs. Advocates collaborate with staff to ensure that resources are readily available, and that the needs of youth and families are being met. They also facilitate support groups and provide information and community resource referrals.

All SCH advocates have personal experience with the mental health system, either as a consumer or a caregiver. They use that personal experience to foster positive relationships with the families and youth we serve.

Family Partners

Family Partners work directly with parents or caregivers of youth in our mental health programs. They ensure that families are equal partners in the planning, development and implementation of services. They also provide input into agency policies and systems to ensure that they are family friendly, culturally competent, and stigma-free at all levels.

Family Partners help by:

  • Communicating parent and caregiver perspectives to clinical staff in order to raise awareness of potential barriers to meeting a client’s goals.
  • Providing individualized advocacy and support to meet the needs of families.
  • Actively ensuring that each family’s own voice drives any and all treatment plans.
  • Effectively sharing personal experiences in order to build connections and offer insight.

Youth Peer Mentors

Youth Peer Mentors serve as a voice for youth planning and policy making. As part of the Advocacy team, the Youth Peer Mentor provides assistance and support to youth by acting as a positive influence and guiding youth to explore and articulate their own values and believes.

Youth Peer Mentors help by:

  • Providing peer counseling and mentoring.
  • Offering in-home and community support.
  • Advocating for services.
  • Helping youth establish and reach personal goals.
  • Guiding youth to explore and articulate their own values and beliefs, and to find their own voice.

Support Groups

Advocacy offers three support groups: True Colors, Our Space, and Connecting Families.

  • True Colors: This group is a safe, affirming, educational, and above all else, fun place for the youth in our Counseling program to attend and be proud to live in their truths.
  • Our Space: This group is a safe, informative, “chill” space for all youth to come hang out, strengthen their self-care skills, learn about empowerment, and build their sense of community in a therapeutic setting.
  • Connecting Families: This is a peer-run, inclusive group for all caregivers who have children enrolled in our mental health programs. Caregivers are invited to come together in a non-judgmental environment, where dinner and childcare are provided in an effort to reduce caregiver stress, as well as strengthen self-care skills.

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