Marzen Building – Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Overview of the Project:

The Sacramento Children’s Home endeavors to join with a General Contractor to renovate an historic, 2-story brick building at 2750 Sutterville Road.  This building is located on our main campus behind the main building and is roughly 3500 sq ft.  While many other aspects will be addressed in the Scope of Work, the main focus of the renovation centers around retaining the external envelope, material, and details (brick  over wood framing) as well as the majority of interior partition walls, and historic staircase. The resulting goal is for a more modern and up-to-date building, with private offices and meeting spaces.  Upgrades will be necessary to address accessibility, acoustics, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems of the building. Programmatic changes to the various Departments & Programs within the Children’s Home will be addressed in the new spaces created in the building.


Contract Goals:

Our intent is to take a Pre-Negotiated Contract approach whereby the contractor will be selected based on general conditions and fees and participates through the design and preconstruction process as a partner.  There will be a full disclosure of all project costs, and is therefore anticipated to be a Cost-Plus basis for the Contract form and terms.  The nature of the project will not require Prevailing Wages.


Other considerations included in the process to be addressed in the Proposals submitted:

  • The firm’s history and experience;
  • The firm’s experience with historic structures, or projects of a similar nature (local examples/contacts required);
  • The proposed team, including resumes and experience of each Team member;
  • The firm’s approach to pre-construction and construction (budgeting, sequencing/phasing, scheduling, constructability reviews, VE, buyout);
  • The firm’s commitment to aggressively bid deep into the subcontractor community and provide ‘open book’ accounting; INCLUDING efforts to engage in Small Businesses, Women-Owned Businesses, Minority-Owned Businesses, Veteran-Owned Businesses.
  • The firm’s ability to develop and maintain cost estimates and project budgets;
  • The firm’s bidding, buyout, cost control, change order processes, and risk mitigation processes;
  • The firm’s track record of completing projects on-time and within budget;
  • The firm’s quality assurance and safety program;
  • Client references.

Firms that meet our qualifications requirements will be invited to attend a Pre-Bid walk through of the site.  Architectural drawings can be viewed at this Link Submissions are due by 5pm Pacific Standard Time on Monday August 16, 2021.  Questions can be emailed to RFQ@kidshome.org